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Participant Maps

Here is the race course for the 2018 GLOC Shootout. Below you will find more details plus an additional map showing landmarks and places to stay around Grove

Special Thanks to the 2018 FasTrac Sponsors 

Due to safety concerns in the performance boating community, the FasTrac course at the GLOC Shootout was changed  3/4 of a mile long in 2017. Which is still plenty long enough for these powerful performance boats to reach top speeds – while maintaining stability and safety.


The FasTrac doesn’t change, though, as there is still 1.5 miles of shootout viewing excitement.


Here’s how it works.


All boats slipped at Lakeside Marina will be given a adequate notice by VHF Marine radio (required by all racers) in sequence to run.


Once you are directed out of your slip by GLOC Race Operations you will proceed to our staging area and wait for your run to sequence.


Approach the start line buoys at no more than forty (40) mph, when the yellow flag is displayed on the start boat. Once your speed of no more than forty (40) is confirmed on the start boat radar, and the front of your boat is line up with the two orange start buoys, you will be given a green flag to commence racing.


Note: any boat that exceeds forty (40) mph will be ‘black flagged’ to circle and re-approach the start line again for a second attempt.


Once you run down our 3/4 mile course to the finish line denoted by five (5) foot buoys on each side of the course, the finish boat will be observing that racers begin to retard throttle to an adequate speed for a turn. Any boat observed not retarding throttles at the finish line will be penalized and that run will not count in our race results.


Our FasTrac operation allows you to proceed past the South end Start Boat, make a 180 degree turn and proceed back to our South Start Line for your second run to the North with all the same rules in affect and be speed measured by our northbound radar barge and once again you will be observed beginning throttle reduction at the buoy finish line. (Refer to the FasTrac map above).


Our FasTrac map illustrates once slowed you may exit back into the marina, before reaching the North Start line.


If you develop a malfunction that causes you to abort your run, exit the race course to the West into our 100 foot wide Safety Zone and return to the Marina ‘off-plane’.


If you are one of our racers that slipped your boat at another marina or left it on trailer, you will be given a ‘time window’ at the Driver’s Meeting when too show up at the ‘Outer Dock’ and then be sequenced from there to the race course.


This procedure for our racers not slipped at Lakeside is designed so you don’t have to sit in the hot sun, as you more than likely have done at other events.


For you racers that don’t have a slip at Lakeside, you are more than welcome to group raft at Lakeside or seek another location of your choice.


GLOC will provide information on other marinas that have slips available.


All boats parked or slipped at Grove Civic Center and Lakeside Bar & Grill – Marina will have sunset to sunrise, qualified off-duty police officers watching your boat.