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New Trophy Classes       

These are the new trophy classes that were added for our 2017 event and beyond. These will be awarded in addition to our “First in Class” Engine and Hull Classes.


Top Cat Professional

Top Cat Non-Professional

Top Cat Manufacturer

Top Cat Bravo (Multi-Engine)

Top Cat Bravo (Single-Engine)


Top V Professional

Top V Non-Professional

Top V Manufacturer

Top V Bravo (Multi-Engine)

Top V Bravo (Single-Engine)

Rules for New Trophy Class  "Top Bravo Vee" and "Top Bravo Cat"


     1. Must have a Bravo upper casing


2. XR or just Bravo X Case is o.k.

      3. May have any lower unit installed


 4. Any Prop is acceptable

           5. Supercharged or normally aspirated engines are acceptable

 Awards for this class will be given to single engine, and multi-engine participants that meet this criteria.