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Announcing the Dealers & Manufacturers Showcase at the 2017 GLOC Shootout


Organizers of the 2017 GLOC Shootout on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma are excited to introduce the new Dealers and Manufacturers Showcase at this year’s event.


The Showcase will feature a dealer or manufacturer’s ‘Showcase’ boat running down the GLOC Shootout ¾ mile course while announcers Mr. Bob May and Mr. Brad Harrington announce the highlights and details about that dealer or manufacturer and the boat they are showcasing.


As with all boats running the GLOC Shootout course, the showcase boats will make use of the GLOC FasTrac Course and make a 2nd trip up the course, highlighting that boat in different conditions based on wind direction and speed.


This is a great opportunity for dealers and manufacturers to be spotlighted on the shootout stage in front of thousands of boating enthusiasts.


This year’s Showcase at the GLOC Shootout is already scheduled to include:


  • DCB Boats with Carlton Bass, Bo Gregory, Chase Chappell,  JP O'Donoghue, Shawn Gibson  and Mark Schouten all making showcase runs.

  • Indian Hills Marina - This Grand Lake Marina and Dealer will be highlighting a brand new Playcraft


There has already been a great deal of interest in the Dealers and Manufacturers Showcase at the 2017 GLOC Shootout and if you are a dealer or manufacturer and are interested in participating in this Showcase, contact the GLOC Shootout organizers at glocshootout@gmail.com.