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Rules and Regulations


At the time of registration every participating boat MUST provide a copy of current boat registration and recent boat photo and the Driver MUST submit a copy of his/her valid state driver’s license.


Each boat owner MUST provide proof of boat ownership (State or Coast Guard registration documents).

Before submitting registration and payment please be sure safety equipment and your boat complies with the rules stated below.  


No refunds for any infractions to the rules or submitting false or incomplete documentation.


No registration fees will be refunded due to cancellation after June 13th, 2019.  A credit memo will be issued for the exact amount of your fees.  These can be applied to our next year event.


The boat owner, the driver if different, and throttle man and/or observer MUST sign the event competition waiver BEFORE the start of competition.


A copy of your insurance is required.


Under no circumstance will boats compete without full compliance of the stated rules below:


  1. All Oklahoma waterway boating laws apply.

  2. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older with a valid and current driver’s license.

  3. Limit of two (2) persons per boat, this includes throttle man or observer.

  4. Minimum length of boat allowed to run is 22 feet in length.

  5. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the boat while on the course.

  6. Any driver or throttle man determined to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed on the course at the sole discretion of the Race Co-coordinator.

  7. All drivers, throttle men or observers, if requested, must submit to a breath test.  Any persons refusing a breath test will be automatically disqualified without a refund.

  8. All boats must complete and pass a safety inspection and receive both driver and throttle man or observer wrist bands and vessel decals prior to entering the run course.

  9. Approved 100 MPH rated PFD must be worn by ALL drivers, throttle men and obersevers while on the course.

  10. DOT approved helmet must be worn by ALL drivers, throttle men/women and observers while on the course.  DOT full faced helmets must be worn except in full canopy setup.

  11. Operating “Kill” switches are mandatory except in closed cockpit boats.  Closed cockpit boats require throttle return springs.

  12. Start boat has complete authority and drivers must follow their instruction or expect disqualification.

  13. Failure to stay in boundaries of the course necessitates disqualification

  14. In a situation where an accident of any type occurs, the driver, throttle man and/or observer must follow the instructions from the rescue crews.

  15. Boats will be classed by Division, hull type, size, drive type, number of and type of engines and stock or modified engines including a Turbine Class.

  16. Each boat must supply the boat top speed and event intended speed.

  17. No Back Seat passengers are allowed at any time on the course or during the run.

  18. Each driver, throttle man and/or observer must sign the 2019 waiver and release prior to their run.

  19. Use common sense at all times, both on and off the water.

  20. Fuel for the boats will NOT be stored on the docks.

  21. In case of weather or water conditions cancellation on Saturday, the runs will be held on Sunday.

  22. Each participating driver, throttle man and/or observer MUST attend a driver’s meeting to receive their wrist bands before entering the run course.

  23. Run will not count for any boat that does not begin to throttle down at the finish line buoy.


Safety Inspection & Equipment Required


1.  Minimum Class B-1 or B-2 type fire extinguishers.


  • Fire Suppression systems must be within their “Good” dates and/or “Green” levels to be considered usable.

2.  Open Cockpit – Full face (DOT approved) helmet.


  • Operable Kill switches – One for each engine.   Operating check required.

  • Life Jacket(s) rated to 100 MPH.


3.  Closed Cockpit – Open or closed face (DOT approved) helmet.


  • Rated Safety Harness

  • Operable Kill switches (1) for each engine and/or Dead Man Throttles (Spring return to idle).

  • An operating check will be required.

  • Hydraulic external ram steering is required.



4.  Turbine Class will undergo a more thorough engine bay inspection which will include:


  • Exhaust, Fuel – oil, Driveline etc.


5.  All other boats will receive an overall engine bay inspection.


6.  Marine VHF Two Way Radio will be required in each boat


All boats must be safety inspected to receive a race sticker to participate in this run.