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Spectator Viewing for the 2019 GLOC Shootout

Midwest FX, LLC. and the GLOC Executive Committee are excited to announce the new location of the race course for the 2019 GLOC Performance Boat Shootout at Grand Lake! It  will be at east of Tera Miranda and Marine Max,  the Fastrac course will be North and South situated parallel to the shoreline.

The GLOC Shootout now has the most land based spectator viewing of any event of this type in the country! We will have Bleachers and a large tent set up for the land based spectators. For safety reasons our course has been shortened to 1.5 miles (two 3/4 mile tracks) – this also provides for closer viewing along the front line!  Taking a boat out and tying up along the race course certainly remains the best way to get a front row seat to watch these awesome powerboats fly by at the 2019 GLOC Shootout.

There will be ample space on the water along the course to view the event since this year we will have 1.5 miles of racing.  Spectator boats at both ends of the 1.5 mile venue will get a great view thanks to our  ‘FasTrac’ – which will allow each boat to run in both directions along the course.

Each spectator boat that parks along the race course ‘Front Line’ to anchor and raft-up to the boat next to them will be assisted by a GLOC Jet Ski attendant who will assist them in setting an anchor.

Loud speakers will be in operation to broadcast each boat’s top speed as it happens.

Plus, spectator boats with FM radios can tune into KGVE 99.3 FM for live broadcast and race results provided by Mr. Bob May from  Bob’s No Wake Zone at Lake of the Ozarks and Mr. Brad Harrington from Kansas.

We will also be sharing race information – updates, results, etc – throughout the day on or social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We do want to extend and open invitation to EVERYONE in the Grand Lake area to come enjoy all the festivities!  Viewing of the radar runs FasTrac will be open to everyone and is completely FREE.

Go HERE to see the complete Schedule of Events.

Special Thanks To Performance Boat Center for Being the 2018 GLOC Radio Broadcast   Title Sponsor